Friday, 2 October 2015

all ready to go!

Ollie and I drove to Capel and back twice today with car loads of possessions. I then spent a lot of time stashing everything away in my residential caravan.
I cleaned the holiday caravan ready for its new owner.
I have been very happy there but it is time to move on and I wish the new owner all the best.
I will drive over there once more to hand over the keys and I am sure I will still go for cliff walks around there as it is an incredibly beautiful part of the country.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

the next step...

It looks like I have a buyer for my holiday caravan and so the process of moving everything out is taking place over the weekend.
Ollie and I went out for a lovely walkies along the cliffs then I packed a load of stuff into the car and drove to Lydd.
I found my Libertines Up The Bracket CD and so had a great time singling along as I drove past the beach. The sunset was beautiful and all was right with the world.
My book has passed through the design stage and is now being re-read in case I changed anything too much in the edit process.
Once this hurdle has been cleared my book should be available. This can be in as little as 10 days!

It is so lovely to be home. I love visiting other places but there is something really special about this place.
Ollie is snoozing contentedly by my side and I am looking forward to watching Hunted!
I have to con
fess I found that programme gripping!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

making plans

I have lots of ideas for next steps with my writing and coaching. I am thinking about creating workshops and on-line courses. It is a very exciting time to be living in as we can teach ourselves new things and gradually build upon our knowledge and experience.
I used to think that when you left school you stopped learning but now I realise that once you leave school that is when your learning begins in earnest.
There are so many fascinating things to find out more about. I find it exciting working out what I am going to learn next!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

finding a venue

I think I may have found a great venue for my book launch. It is rather quirky but then so am I!
I won't say where it is yet as I need to talk cost etc. before securing a booking.
This has been a wonderful weekend.
I have been camping in Detling with G and the hairy three.
We had a camp-fire and camped on a really lovely quiet site.
I have had such a lovely weekend and am very excited about the way my book is proceeding!
Ollie is sleeping it all off!

Monday, 21 September 2015

the journey home

I was late back from work and so as I drove home it was dark. The rain was lashing down and it was quite hard to see where I was going but as I drove into the caravan park I felt elated as I was so happy to be home.
I cannot describe what a weird yet beautiful place this is.
My neighbours are great. It is so peaceful and I am surrounded by wildlife that I see on a daily basis.

Friday, 18 September 2015

thinking about book launching

It is incredible to think that I am now at the stage where I am thinking about a suitable venue for my book launch. I would like it to be an interesting place to be rather than some corporate style affair which isn't really me. I think the event is likely to take place in December so this may well rule out many outdoor venues unless I can think very creatively.
My book is all about taking small actions to live a happier life and many of the suggestions do involve being outside so if an outdoor venue isn't possible it would be good to hold it somewhere with a nice view at least! It would be good to be in Kent as most of the people I know live there.
I have a few ideas and some lovely people have been contacting me with some really good suggestions.
If you have an idea then please contact me.
Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bug Free Mind

When I read a great book I want to tell everyone about it so today's post is dedicated to Andy Shaw's Creating A Bug Free Mind.
It is basically the book I wish I had read when I started on my personal development journey as it explains things so clearly and offers step by step instructions on how to wipe away all the limiting self beliefs we develop as we become adults.
The book is so good that I have just finished it and am starting to re-read it all over again.
Reading this book is a bit like being given a manual on how to get the best from sophisticated technology...well actually that is exactly what it is doing. It is a manual on how to make the best use of our brains!
I almost didn't buy it when a friend recommended it to me as it is quite expensive but now I feel that the money spent was well invested.
I love it when books teach you something in such a way that it all starts to make sense.